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Iperial is intellectual property rights protection for the connected world. Our approach to rights protection is fully automated, massively scalable and very secure. It protects all kinds of digital information and is designed to be able to register sensitive, secret information without compromizing privacy.

What is Iperial?

Iperial lets you sign your name to anything you create and prove to the world that you're the rightful owner. Our technology enables you to protect your intellectual property rights to information you share with others, to your secrets and to the things that are created for you by contractors and employees.


The copyright to any creative work belongs to the creator or commissioner of the work. If that is you, Iperial helps you prove it.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets can't be officially registered anywhere, because then they wouldn't be secrets anymore. Iperial lets you register them while still keeping them secret.


Iperial helps you protect the value of your ideas by letting you prove that they were concieved by you.

Proprietary Information

The knowledge within a modern organization is often worth more than its tangible assets. Iperial protects this knowledge so that it doesn't end up in the hands of the competition.

Integrate Iperial

Access our system through APIs, though client software or through cloud connectors. The choice is yours, we'll connect wherever you are.

API Access

Our open, REST-based APIs allow you to create server-to-server integrations from your systems to ours, using your favorite tools.

Client Software

The Iperial Agent gives you fully automated, generic file protection on desktop computers, with no user interaction required.

Cloud Connectors

Using a cloud storage service like DropBox or Google Drive? No problem, we'll connect and register files you save there, too.

Mobile Apps

All that's required to implement Iperial protection is an Internet connection, so we can go where you go.


We believe in fully automated, no-hands operation because you can't forget what you don't have to remember.

About the technology

Our intellectual property rights protection is built on immutable, interlocking cryptographic hashes. Exciting stuff, right?

Safety in (huge) numbers

Cryptographic hashes are HUGE numbers that can serve as an "ID for content", because each unique file, document or other data has its own equally unique hash. Each time the hash is calculated for the same content, it comes to the same huge number. However, make one itsy-bitsy change to the content and you get a completely different hash.

We use this feature of hashes, and we combine it with a signature that shows who registered the content, and with a time stamp. This new information is then used to calculate another hash, and both these hashes are published in a way that makes them impossible to tamper with without detection.

We publish aggregated lists of hashes into the distributed Blockchain database. That means that if you register a piece of content with Iperial you will also enjoy the protection granted by Blockchain, but without having to deal with - or pay for! - the Blockchain transactions.

Try it yourself!

Try typing some text into the box below to see how a changing input affects the calculated hash. The slightest change to the text will render a wildly different hash.

Calculated hash

As you will notice, each time you enter the same text you get the same hash. An algorithm that works like that is said to be "deterministic", and we use this aspect of hashes to make them validatable without having to modify the content.


Our prices start at $3 per month – or free if you're non-commercial. What is your intellectual property worth?

  • $0 per user per month
  • Non-commercial use only
  • Max 100 registrations per user per day
  • 36 months data retention

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