About Iperial

Iperial enables the sharing of ideas and information by protecting the rights of the creators

We love ideas, and the sharing of ideas. We love innovation, and that one person can create something new by using parts created by others. We love collaborative work, where people who might never physically meet can create beautiful, valuable, entertaining or profound things together.

Our mission is to enable this sharing and collaboration. We believe that people who can trust that their contributions will be attributable to them are going to be more willing to share; that they dare to share.

It doesn't have to be about money, although it can be. Open source and open hardware companies thrive on open innovation where people make great things together, working towards a shared vision. We want these people to be able to point to their contributions and say "Look, I did that!". Whether or not they are economically compensated for their contributions is not the point, the important thing is trust: if you contribute you should feel secure in the knowledge that your contribution will be recognized; that sharing is not a risk.

When people can share without risk, everyone wins. Ideas that would otherwise never have been realized turn into products and services. Music, movies and computer games get made. New companies are formed. And lots and lots of new jobs are created in the process. This new industrial revolution is driven by creative people and companies from all over the world who collaborate or compete – both cases leading to gains for the world as a whole.

Being able to prove who created what and when is pivotal in this, and it's also the foundation for all legal intellectual property rights protection. Providing this evidence is exactly what we do. Welcome to Iperial!

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