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Iperial Shield Iperial Shield This certifies that the SHA512 hash listed as Content ID has been registered in the Iperial system, as of the date and time below and using the signature listed below.
Content ID
Registration ID
iDefendo.com user

The Content Id is the unique SHA512 hash of the content, and proves which exact content was registered. The Registration Id is the unique SHA512 hash of the concatenation of the Content Id + Timestamp + Signature. It proves that exactly this content has been registered at exactly the time stated, and with the exact signature that is shown above. No other combination of content, time and signature would generate the same Registration Id. Both hashes have also been published and publicly available since the time the content was protected, which serves as proof of the correctness of the timestamp. Visit www.iperial.com for more in-depth information about these calculations and how to validate them yourself.

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