Iperial Agent

The Iperial Agent monitors selected folders on desktop computers, and automatically registers new and updated files.

With Iperial Agent installed on your computer, every file you save in a monitored folder will automatically be registered in your name. It's a fire-and-forget solution that lets you focus on your work, secure in the knowledge that your creations will be protected.

The Iperial Agent can be installed and used for free by all Iperial users. It is currently in beta, and available for Windows only. A Mac version is in the works.

Feel free to contact us by entering your name and email below if you would like to be part of our beta program and try out the Iperial Agent! We will get in touch with you and set it up.

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Drop a file here to either check if it's registered, or to register your ownership of it. No files will be uploaded, so the process is completely confidential.

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