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New service lets startups protect their intellectual property rights even before filing for a patent.

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Palo Alto, Calif. — May 6, 2016. – Almost everything a startup does touches on IP in one way or another, says Catrin Anckarman of Iperial Inc, a Palo Alto, CA company that develops and markets a service that helps companies and individuals protect their intellectual property rights. The service can be found at

In a study named The Bright Side of Patents1, published by Joan Farre-Mensa of Harvard Business School, Deepak Hegde of New York University and Alexander Ljungqvist of New York University and NBER, the authors’ analysis shows that patent approvals help startups create jobs, grow their sales and innovate. The sales growth is a staggering 51 percentage point increase over the five years following a first patent approval.

Continues Mrs. Anckarman: The reality for startups is that you need to be able to talk about your ideas, to show your prototypes and to describe your technology. You need to involve VCs, partners and key customer at an early stage, often while you’re still inventing and before you have filed for patents. Our system helps you prove that you had a certain document at a certain date and time, so that it’s clear that the information belongs to you.

Iperial, Inc, itself a startup, is offering their services for startups for free for a limited time. Anyone can use the website at to sign up for an account, and then use the invite code STARTUP16 to convert the free non-commercial account to a commercial one.

– Our service lets startups protect themselves and their IP in the crucial period when they are inventing, and before a patent is filed, continues Mrs. Anckarman. With minimal user involvement and leveraging the Blockchain technology, we hope that all kinds of startups will use our service as a tool that helps them successfully develop and sell their products.

About Iperial, Inc.
Based in Palo Alto, California, Iperial develops and markets an IP protection system available at

  1. The Bright Side of Patents. Farre-Mensa, Hegde, Ljungqvist.

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